Cabinet & Display

Revlite LED products offer innovative and customized professional lighting fixtures for retail stores, display cases, custom cabinetry, hotel lobbies, office buildings, restaurants and custom homes. As you see from our project page, the lights enhance interior environment with the beauty of design. 


Gimbal 1

Gimbal 2

Gimbal 3

Gimbal 4

Morph Series




4003-track-mag RBL linear strip module
4003-Track-Mag 4003-Track RBL 30121-RL
stem light single LED

30123-EX Stem Light Single LED Stem Light Stem Light Carbon
Luna Luna Carbon Luna-Ultra Slim Luna-JR
zoom series - stem light

4003-Z 30123-Z4 & 30123-Z8 LR15-ZL 30600 Series Linears

30600-320 4003-TR 4003-Reed NAOS
Power Supply