Recessed ceiling down light series of aluminum passively cooled heat sinks of up to 12W of power. Heat sink and optical assembly can swing down 60° to illuminate wall art or objects of interest. Light outputs of 1100 lumens available with CRI as high as 93. 
Color Temperature: 2700K / 3000K / 4000K / 5000K
Beam Angles: 15° / 24° / 38° / 50°
  • 12 Watt LED arrays, 3000K, CRI > 90
  • 1100 lumens 
  • Four beam angles available
  • Proprietary Aluminum heat sinks allow rotation of entire light engine to allow illumination of the wall or objects of interest. Heat sink also ensures maximum LED life
  • LED power supplies suitable for indoor and outdoor use 120-277VAC input standard
  • Finished with aluminum trim with frosted acrylic lens