Recessed ceiling down light of passively cooled aluminum heat sink of 26W of power,  Light outputs of  3000+ lumens available with CRI as high as 93.
Designed for high use zones for commercial and institutional applications. Optional trims, tamperproof, and gasketted for negative pressure rooms are available.
Color Temperature: 2700K / 3000K / 4000K / 5000K
Beam Angles: 15° / 24° / 38° / 50°
  • 26 Watt LED arrays, 3000°K >90CRI
  • >2200 delivered lumens
  • Four beam angles available
  • Heat sink uses the latest V3 technology ensuring maximum LED life and also ensuring that the fixture never becomes obsolete.  
  • Revlite proprietary LED module with integral optics allows simple replacement if LED or optics become damaged or if a different color temperature is desired at a later date.
  • LED power supplies suitable for indoor and outdoor use 120-277VAC input standard
  • Finished with aluminum trim with .125” thick acrylic lens

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