LR 16 Milan - Trimless Series


Recessed down light series with technologically advanced passive aluminum heat sinks with 12W power output. Various recessed trim options producing numerous lighting effects. Fixture chassis gimbals 30 degrees in one direction allowing for further lighting effects with the appropriate baffle/trim. Light outputs of 1000 delivered lumens with CRI's as high as 93. 

Color Temperature: 2700K / 3000K / 3500K / 4000K 

Beam Angles: 15° / 24° / 40° 

  • 12 Watt LED arrays, CRI>90 @ 3000K
  • Optional High GAI LED in 3000K, 3500K and 4000K
  • Optional Warm Dimming in color temperature from 3000K-dimming to 1600K
  • >1000 delivered lumens
  • Three beam angles available 
  • Proprietary aluminum heat sinks ensures maximum LED life 
  • LED power supplies suitable for indoor and outdoor use 120-277 VAC input standard 
  • Finished with aluminum trim with 2 different styles for optimum aesthetics. Seamless round and seamless square. 
  • Unique ball-catch design holds lamp assembly in place



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