The ultra slim series of linear lights (19mm diameter) was designed specifically for retail showcases and glass display cabinets. The slimmest lighting fixture profile on the market today was intended to elegantly replace the bulky fluorescent fixtures commonly found in showcases.

The 90° beam angle flawlessly fills the entire cabinet with even illumination highlighting the product to perfection. The Luna System is a high colour rendering fixture, designed for areas where even linear illumination is a design priority. Used for illuminating showcases in shops, art galleries, hotel lobbies and commercial office spaces.

Custom sizes are available; custom length up to 72’’ and height up to 24’’ in one fixture (with 1/16’’ increments).

  • For interior applications such as display cabinets
  • Ultra slim 19mm diameter heat sink
  • 90° beam angle for optimum illumination in cabinets
  • Easily customized for length up to 72’’, height up to 24’’
  • Multiple installation positions possible
  • Light Source: proprietary multi die LEDs (2700K / 3000K / 4000K / 5000K) 
  • LED Driver: Revlite’s 12 VDC Driver # 30355, simple 12 VDC power input
  • Power consumption/ illumination options: 3W/ ft, 6W/ ft, 8W/ ft, 10W/ ft

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