PORTABLE POWER SUPPLY - 12V/ 300Wh (84000mah)

  • The RPS-PPS, designed for use with Revlite broad range of LED lighting products, provides the perfect solution for powering stand alone exhibits, kiosks and gondolas, both permanent or temporary, without the cost of bringing power to the fixtures. The designer has the freedom to plan the space effectively to maximize traffic flow without being limited by the location of the power source. These exhibits can be easily relocated as the needs of the space change, without the cost of re-wiring the space.
  • The RPS-PPS Series is a portable, lithium-ion battery pack. Available in 500WH capacity, the PPS powers all of Revlite’s 12V, 24V or 350mA LED fixtures at the lowest cost per watt hour in the market. Plug & Play power connections, an on/off switch, built in work light and five-level charge indicator, and low battery warning make the battery pack very user-friendly. A plug-in charger is provided with each battery. A 100% charge is achievable in 5 hours.
    • LED Charge indicator
    • Quick charging
    • Over-discharge protection
    • Over charge protection
    • Short-circuit protection
    • Charge & Discharge simultaneously
    • Power either 5V,12V, 16V,19V, 24V, & 350mA Fixtures, AC output 120V, 2-3A
    • 3 Stage over temperature protection
    •  Built in cooling fan

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