Luna Series

Form following Function

For many years the original Luna at 3/4” (19mm) in diameter set the standard for the slimmest light fixture for retail showcase illumination making the elegant original Luna a classic and still the most versatile linear fixture available today. Virtually hundreds of kilometres of original Luna have been installed since it was introduced into the market and they are still operating today. Luna is a timeless Classic and still retains the title as the longest single fixture on the market today with a custom length up to 120” in length. The Luna Classic has now evolved into a family of fixtures that are equally as versatile and elegant.

All have the 90° beam angle which optimally fills the display cabinet and has been a hallmark of Luna from its inception. High colour rendering index of 90+ is standard with a CRI of 95+ for custom applications.

Smooth soft even illumination is guaranteed through attention to detail in the optics. No hotspots are visible throughout the Luna line.

Flawless finishes including an all new carbon fiber finish matching the finishes of many products on the market today.


  • Ultra slim heat sinks: 3/4”- 1/4” (19mm-6.5mm) diameter.
  • Each model is sold on a custom basis.
  • Multiple installation positions.
  • Numerous power consumption options.
  • 90° beam angle for optimum cabinet illumination.
  • Long custom continuous lengths available (with center support) up to 120” for Luna Classic.
  • Custom stem heights up to 24” on some models.


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Tourneau Flagship

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