Curved Display Lighting


Often a designer of retail environments is left to solve a growing design conundrum in modern retail. How to illuminate modern curved showcases and circular vitrines. U-shaped, elliptical and circular showcases are popping up everywhere in modern retail spaces. Typically, the answer is to add a plethora of vertical fixtures every foot or so or, install a combination of straight linear fixtures in a segmented or pixilated fashion with vertical fixtures to fill in the gaps in an attempt to illuminate the curves.

The answer to this conundrum is the Revlite Luna-Jr-Arc. This fixture has all the features of the straight Luna Jr with the added benefit of being infinitely variable in its curve allowing it to mirror the shape of the showcase or vitrine in which it is installed. Further the fixture can be combined with “T” blocks shown in the accessory section to form a continuous curved linear fixture illuminating any lengthy curved glass on glass showcase with consistent illumination. The lens of the Luna Jr-Arc is perfectly positioned at a 45° angle from the vertical and with a 90° beam spread illuminating the cabinet without any visible glare to the viewer.

Luna Jr-Arc is formed by roll forming and hand finishing according to the radius chosen by the client’s CAD design. Most radii can be accomplished from 10” upwards with lengths up to 76”.