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About Us

LEDs are the best lighting source to help conserve energy and protect the environment. Here at Revlite Technologies, we are passionate about LEDs and what they do! We show this by working hard to create beautiful high quality products that elevate spaces, and enhance products. 

Our commitment is to closely collaborate with teams who seek our products and focus, while contributing to the movement of a healthier planet.

Our Story

More than 25 years ago, our founders were early adopters of modern LEDs, when they started designing automotive aftermarket products, such as taillights and instrument panels. This enabled us to be part of the first wave of LEDs that were ready for general lighting. At the realization that LEDs would become the premium source for general lighting, and the impact it would make in energy conservation; we quickly began the journey of solving some of the early challenges in general LED lighting. Digging into these issues, we were able to find patented solutions for dimmable and heating problems. As our company grew, we continued with the same curiosity, creating products that are both technologically advanced, while giving our clients the empowerment they need to get the best results. We truly love what we do and would say to you, “keep an eye on us and stay in touch,” as some really cool things are yet to come.