LED Shelving



The Revlite illuminated shelving is the perfect addition to any retail environment or home, bar or restaurant. Ideal for displaying  products and is guaranteed to make whatever you display on them stand out like never before!

Each shelf is enclosed in an aluminum frame to trap and reflect the light internally and upward so that the product is the item being displayed and not the shelf itself. Other shelf manufacturers allow light to emanate from the front of the shelf which distracts from the product being displayed.

Power Supply

  • Each power supply can power multiple shelves as long as that the total shelf lengths do no exceed 20 linear feet. 
  • If the total length of shelving is over 20 feet you will need to purchase an additional power supply to create a second system. 

Shelf Brackets (3 Types Available)

  • Each shelf includes brackets for mounting which also include the hidden power connections. Please specify desired brackets upon ordering. The number of brackets included will vary between shelf lengths.
  • Styles are:
    • Slot Wall brackets
    • Magnetic socket
    • Locking socket

3 Years Warranty!

  • All of our products include our 3 years warranty guarantee! 

Custom Dimensions and Modifications

  • All shelves can be ordered with custom depth and length dimensions. Please specify on order sheet.