Street Lighting

For civil works projects that demand LED street lights manufactured by an expert in the field, Revlite provides these services. Not only do LED streetlights offer a more energy-efficient way of lighting up parks, roads, and public spaces, but the solutions we offer are very cost-effective too.

The Revlite series of LED streetlights (either conventional or solar)that we manufacture are made to last and meet all the requirements of both North American and international Electrical Safety Standards. Regardless of whether you plan on illuminating a small public park or an entire highway, our solutions can meet your needs and exceed your expectations. 

Included in our offering 

Mains-Powered LED Street Lighting – With various options for you to consider, we offer numerous designs for street lights that also come in different wattages, depending on your needs. 

Extremely high efficiencies of 150-170 Lumens/Watt make them ideal for applications such as car parks, public recreation areas, and anywhere that requires external lights. Optionally specified sensors such as proximity sensors save a tremendous amount of energy. Typically street lights are full on through out the night wasting a tremendous amount of energy. 

With Revlite Street Smart Sensing the street lights are on at a predetermined light level and when motion is detected in its field of vision it ramps up the lighting level to full in a matter of a second and then fades back to its dimmer level when the object has disappeared from its field of vision. Our Street Smart lighting fixtures also have optional Wildlife Protective Devices (WPD) AKA Bird Guards to prevent damage and outages from wildlife touching the fixtures and the corrosive action of bird excrement. This is of particular importance to the Solar Powered street lights. 

Solar-Powered Lighting – LED lighting - In general, is more environmentally-friendly than alternatives. However, to reduce your carbon footprint even further, our solar-powered LED lights are the ideal option. Solar LED lighting however adds another dimension to the technical difficulties of getting lighting correct. We will give you an education on the many intricacies of choosing the correct battery packs and charging controllers so you can be assured that you will be specifying and purchasing the most efficient product for your application. 

LED Lamp Posts & Street Lanterns – For lighting up gardens, whether residential, commercial, or public, our LED lamp posts and lanterns are available in many designs and wattages. Browse our offering and find the perfect fit for your requirements.

Call the LED Experts

Revlite is a leading manufacturers of LED lighting products for residential, commercial, hospitality, signage and governmental applications. We have over 27 years of LED lighting experience providing businesses, homes and propery owners across the continent with environmentally-friendly lighting solutions that last for years. 

Street Lighing