In the past 10 years, solar lights have become more popular. There are solar powered street lightssolar flood lights, solar garden lights, solar post lights, etc……

More and more customers decide to buy solar street light because of the benefits of solar lights following:

  • Environmental protection
  • Cost less to save money
  • Simplified installation
  • Safety
  • Energy saving
  • Smart control
  • Convenience
  • Minimal investment

Here we list you the 8 advantage of solar lights compared with electric lights:

Environmental Protection

Solar energy is truly a green, clean and renewable energy. Currently there is a tremendous amount of electric power produced from thermal power generation which contributes a lot of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Solar eliminates this completely.

Cost Less To Save Money 

Since the solar lights can recycle 100% of the energy they gather, the end user will have a net zero energy bill, plus they can also save the cost of wire trenching to the installation site. 

Simplified Installation

Unlike AC electric lights. there is no need for wire trenching for solar lights installation. Everyone can install the solar lights in less than one hour.


Solar lights are DC low voltage.Compared to dangerous 110-220V AC electric power, DC low voltage is very safe for human body.

Energy Saving 

The power supply in every typical LED light hooked up to AC voltage needs to convert the 110-220VAC voltage to low voltage DC for the LED chip. Therefore the power supply is wasting a minimum of 10% power to complete this conversion. With Solar there is no need for a converter power supply which is the reason that the luminous efficacy of the LED chips can reach 170lm/W, while LEDs fed with AC current through a power supply can only reach 140lm/W efficacy. So for equal brightness the solar fixture operates at a much lower power consumption.

Smart Control

We can configure smart controller function for solar lights such as: dark to dawn dim, motion dim and auto-time dim. Motion dimming is illustrated in the following image:


Solar lighting is practically maintenance free. With adequate Smart Controls built into the solar lights the need for maintenance is almost totally eliminated making the entire project worry free for the end user.

Minimal investment

Solar makes lighting possible in remote areas such as islands and rugged terrain such as mountains with minimal investment. Without the high cost for AC power cabling and the required trenching to bring the cabling to the installation site the project can become a reality with almost no infrastructure and minimal investment and maintenance . Another win-win situation.