We make a firm commitment to our customers to provide the latest designs with the finest (and often most exotic) materials and finishes. Our LEDs are always a CRI in excess of 90 and in some cases 95+. In our overheads and general lighting (catalogue available soon) we have a high GAI option to maximize color saturation in your retail environments.

We build to your custom specifications and at pricing that is at a fraction of the cost seen anywhere in the modern lighting world. We can offer this because Revite is the manufacturer, not a distributor or markufacturer or re-brander. We produce your custom fixtures in our factory here in North America and can turn them around in a matter of days not weeks. All fixtures are c/UL/us recognized and some are MIL spec.


Long before the LED lighting revolution in modern lighting the founders of Revlite were designing lighting for the automotive world in the form of LED tail lights and color changing instrument panels. When Shuji Nakamura developed the first white LEDs we quickly realized LEDs would soon become the prime source for all general lighting and we hada already developed solutions to some of the early issues confronting the LED world. Revlite developed patented solutions to the dimming and thermal issues that plagued the LED industry in the early days. With this background Revlite could concentrate its creative energy almost exclusively to design thereby creating some of the most unique and enchanting retail fixtures seen today. It is said that mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery and we feel very flattered that others are emulating our designs however they do not have our experience with the fit, finish and mechanicals that make Revlite products truly unique.


Revlite offers its design services to any designer or retail brand to develop lighting fixtures to solve problems unique to their situation or showcase design and we believe in the Porsche design philosophy that Form follows Function. We have worked with many designers and manufacturers in the past to provide for them a unique statement in the retail world. Our design customers read like a who’s who of the design and retail world so do not hesitate in asking for a solution to your unique and creative design ideas; we will be happy to make them a reality.

In this website you will find the latest lighting solutions for the retail environment using the most advanced technology and materials available.