Revlite Products Used: Mini Spot Lamps in the Cabinets - LR16 MS - L3000 High GAI and High CRI for Overhead Lighting

Project: DANIELLA KRONFLE - Miami Design District

Location: Miami, Florida, USA

Designer: SesmaDesign

Located in the design-inspired 4141 building, the 650 square-foot intimate boutique offers a select assortment of expertly crafted, fine jewelry known for its unique blends in a myriad of precious and semiprecious stones including Green Amethyst, Malachite, Amazonite, Rutilated Quartz, Sapphire and Black Diamonds. The space has been envisioned by Eduardo Sesma, principal at SesmaDesign and former senior designer at award-winning international design firm Yabu Pushelberg and provides an intimate, elevated and personalized experience for the discerning client seeking to discover personal treasures and jewels with unique radiance.

The boutique’s interior design concept embodies Kronfle’s signature flair for bold, statement pieces, offering a selection of colors, shapes and cuts. Sparkling crystal chandeliers adorn the main entrance above custom-designed furnishings. Hand sketched drawings of distinguished DANIELLA KRONFLE designs populate the gallery. The jewelry is displayed within unique, diamond-shaped vitrines amongst hues of amethyst throughout the gallery --- an iconic shade inspired by the mesmerizing colors of the orchid used by Kronfle in various creations.

“Opening our boutique in Miami’s Design District was a natural choice for us as it is the perfect embodiment of the DANIELLA KRONFLE brand,” says Daniella Kronfle, Founder and Creative Director of the brand. “It is an inviting, sophisticated and personal space for our traditional, dynamic, enlightened collector seeking to discover unusual beauty to add to their repertoire.”

REVLITE collaborated with Eduardo Sesma of SesmaDesign to design and Manufacture Custom LED Lighting for the Cabinets and Vitrines. The Overhead Lighting were customized with High GAI and High CRI LEDs to accentuate the store design and produce optimal sharp lighting effects within the store.