Revlite Products Used: Down Lights – Track Fixtures – Rail Lights – Indirect Cove Lighting – Under cabinet Lights – Step Lights - Garden fixtures – Garage lighting.

Project: Lisa Ling and Dr. Paul Song's Private Residence (PUNCHouse Project 234)

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Designer: PUNChouse Design Group

Marco DiMaccio, principal of PUNCHouse Design Group, creates ecologically sustainable architecture. DiMaccio collaborated with Revlite to provide LED lighting for the entire home, and custom designed many of the light fixtures using Revlite’s technology. Lisa and Paul were very involved with many of the designs and was very committed to building a home that was energy efficient to the max. Lisa now says that they get checks back from the power company. DiMarccio commented, “It was a pleasure working with Revlite on this very innovative design and they have more than met my expectations." PUNCHouse Project 234 earned a Platinum Certificate, which is the highest possible award from the USGBC LEED for Homes rating system and was awarded 2 Innovation in Design Awards from The USGBC. Partnering with Revlite made it possible for PUNCHouse Project 234 to achieve the highest awards in the industry.