Revlite Display Panels offering custom lighting solutions for Retail,  Architectural, Signage.

Why Revlite?

Fully Customizable

At Revlite, we know that your designs are unique. Custom-made to each situation, all of our products are carefully designed for maximum adaptability to any lighting requirement and manufactured to stay that way.

Customized Production, Premier Global Components, Global Standards

Custom Fabricated for the appropriate market, our best-in-class products, industry-leading technology, and reliable customer service are provided with rapid turnaround times.

Top Brands

We work with, and are specified for top-tier retail brands across the globe.

Customer Service

Our concierge customer service provides you with a dedicated in house sales team and order processing specialists for each client to address your design, sales and marketing needs quickly.

Backed by Warranties

Revlite PhotoSurface and PhotoFabric products are overbuilt because we understand that down time in a retail environment is extremely costly. When we light something, it stays lit. Our warranties cover all our products to ensure there is no down time and no cost.

Recent Innovations


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PhotoSurface Line 

 PhotoSurface Slim

PhotoSurface 2

Double Sided LED Light Box

PhotoSurface Frame

Single & Double Sided LED Light Box


Magnetic Frame LED Light Box

PhotoMag 2
Double Sided Magnetic Frame LED Light Box


PhotoFabric Line

PhotoFabric 3" Light Box

PhotoFabric Ultra Slim
Slim, Frameless Fabric
Light Box

PhotoFabric 1” fabric light box

Slim, Fabric Light Box

PhotoFabric 2” fabric light box

Fabric Light Box

PhotoFabric 4” fabric light box
Fabric Light Box with Double
Sided Option


PhotoGrid Components


PhotoGrid Components - RBL

PhotoGrid Components - PG-C