Why choose Revlite for your Health Care Environments?

  • Revlite has a long successful history providing custom light fixtures for Health Care Facilities. In fact we have custom designed, built and delivered over 10,000 lighting fixtures in multiple health care facilities in Canada.
  • Revlite is your one stop source for lighting fixtures for Surgical Suites, Negative Pressure Rooms, Tamper Proof Lighting for Mental Health facilities and Antimicrobial finishes for general health care areas.
  • Revlite comes from an LED background and not a lighting background. The principals of Revlite have greater than 40 years experience with LEDs. We began working with LEDs long before high output and white LEDs were in their infancy, and we have gained several patents and street credibility along that journey. Our operating rationale does not have the biases that come with the legacy lighting companies.
  • Experience: Our company holds several Utility Patents (Inventions). Over the years we have worked with Owners, Architects, Designers, Engineers, and Specifiers to create application specific Lighting Systems.
  • Greater than 40 years construction experience allowing us to visualize difficulties in the build process and providing solutions long before the lighting integrator or general contractor are involved.
  • We are detail oriented, and all products are designed by Revlite, incorporating the years of LED background knowledge.
  • LEDs – We only use LED chips made by the leading Manufacturers such as Nichia, Cree and Bridgelux, underdriven for longevity and efficiency with high CRI.
  • Optics – Our fixtures are designed to reduce the amount of glare emitting from the fixtures.
  • Thermal – Heat sinks are specified to overcompensate for their working environment.
  • Linears – We only use premium LED chips with high density application to eliminate any hot spots.
  • All products are fully UL listed with 5-year warranties.

Contact your area Revlite Representative for further information.