• An Ultra Slim light fixture designed to provide even and monolithic
    lighting effects in narrow confined spaces.
  • A miniature extrusion profile of 12mm (less than 1/2”) diameter with
    optics delivering a 90° beam angle.
  • Ultra High Density LEDs (UHD-LED@ 92LEDs/Ft and 300 LEDs/M)
    ensure monolithic light beam in such a tiny extrusion.
  • Fixtures are end to end linkable ensuring continuity of light beam.
  • Units may also be connected using polarized connecting cables (3”-48”) to ensure a path around objects in a display.
  • Intelli-Trak compatible.
  • Multiple installation options available including, clips, rotatable clips (30° rotation), magnets allowing either horizontal or vertical installation.
  • Available in standard lengths of 8”, 12”, 24” or 48”.
  • High color accuracy of 90+ CRI.
  • Highly engineered thermal management in a fixture with this small a cross section and with UHD LED in a 6W/ft. configuration.
  • Extensive accessories and connectors available and Intelli-Trak
    compatibility make this fixture one of the most versatile linear’s in the market today.
  • cULus Listed.
    • Retail Displays
    • Cove Lighting
    • Signage
    • Shelf Lighting
    • Showcase Lighting
    • Under Cabinet Lighting
    • Backlighting
    • Toe Kick Lighting
    • Power Supplies: 24V PP / 24V HW
    • Controls: DIM

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