Flexi Series - Modular Strips


Modular LED tapes allow for customized long distance runs without lumen intensity drop off or color drift while allowing smooth 0-10V dimmability. Simple clip together connectors allow the end user to build each LED run to the desired length for each application. 


  • Three Output Levels: 
    • Flexi Modular Premium (RL24-MP): 350 Lm/Ft
    • Flexi Modular High Output (RL24-MHO): 230 Lm/Ft 
    • Flexi Modular Standard (RL24-MS): 125 Lm/Ft 
  • Long Runs, Easy Connectivity 
  • Field Cuttable Every 4” (Nominal)
  • Simple Plug and Play Connector Joins All Cut Segments

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