Flexi Sheet RL24-SH-CT



A modular 24V LED sheet used for back lighting all manner of applications from Fabric displays , back lighting of bar displays, onyx or crystal bars and building back lit walls.

Bright at 1150 lumens per square foot the Flexi-Sheet CT provides a broad expanse of light from 324 LEDs that could be used in so many imaginative ways. The sheets have 8 power input connectors built into the flexible PCB (2 on each side) so power can be fed into the sheet from the all sides and the connectors allow jumping power from one panel to another to produce a virtually limitless expanse of light.

The CT is tunable from 2700K-6000K using a dedicated Revlite CCT control or the experienced installer could employ any DMX protocol allowing the use of large master DMX controllers or simple DMX color control with wireless remotes.
The advantage of using Flexi Sheet CT is that each LED pair has two LEDs of consistent CCT enabling a more pure CCT upon mixing than a single LED with two color chips. Minimal back set (to avoid hot spots) for this Color Tuning sheet is from 2-4 inches from the image or diffuser(dependent on diffusion method).
The back of Flexi Sheet CT is covered in 3M self adhesive for an aggressive installation to most surfaces.

Flexi Sheet CT is cuttable in Squares of 27mm x 27mm (1 1/16“ x 1 1/16”). Cutting the sheets along the cut lines does not affect the circuitry in any way.

    • Modular Sheet size of 9.5” x 19” (241mm x 483mm).
    • 50 Pieces of 2035 LEDs
    • 324 Pieces of 2835 LEDs set up in 162 Warm / cool white LED pairs
    • Tunable from 2700K-6000K
    • 12W of power per square foot.
    • 95+ CRI
    • Cuttable in 27mm x 27mm (1 1/16“ x 1 1/16”)
    • Flexi-Sheet CT comes complete with 4 wire jumpers for attachment of
      other sheets and continuous color changing ability.