Gimbal 3


  • Recessed mounting, high colour rendering fixture, designed with adjustable Gimbal.
  • A cosmetic variant of Gimbal 2,  with a shallow snoot around the lens.
  • 20° swivel
  • The first with a Single COB LED in 4 CCT
  • 3 Beam Angles: 20° / 30° / 45°
  • 2 Power outputs: 4W or 8W.
  • 8W Version at 800 lumens is truly capable of fully illuminating a display from an 8’ height.
  • Now with the Revolutionary Constant Voltage Drive (CVD). Allows operation at a simple 24VDC input in either 4W or 8W configurations
  • Allows hook up of several Gimbal fixtures to one power supply.
  • No more “Hot Plugging” concerns
  • No more calculating the Vf for constant current power supplies.


  • Retail Displays and Vertical Showcase
  • Under Cabinets and Counters
  • Hospitality
  • Residential

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