Lazer 9




  • Designed for retail display applications that are not static and in a state of flux due to changes in product mix or seasonality.
  • Allows hidden power connections to shelving that vary in height with changes in product mix.
  • The heart of the Intelli-Trak-2-HD system is a low profile extrusion that distributes power through a system of magnetic power distributors that can be moved and placed anywhere along its length.
  • Magnetic power distributors have polarized connectors that allow simple plug and play connections to a myriad of Revlite lighting fixtures.
  • Intelli-Trak-2-HD is field cuttable and is able to be surface mounted with double faced adhesive tape or #4 screws. IT was also designed to be elegantly recess mounted into millwork where it becomes flush with the walls into which it is installed.
  • Able to be surface mounted with magnets, double faced tape or #4 screws.
  • Fixtures have polarity correction allowing them to work in any direction.