RL Series



LED down-light for retrofit of installed 6 / 8” nominal commercial “pan-style” housings with incandescent, compact fluorescent (CFL), or high intensity discharge (HID) sources. All installation can be performed from the room side without removing the existing fixture. This fixed reflector luminaire houses a specification grade Modular LED down light package. Multiple lumen packages to replace the installed base of CFL or HID sources with energy savings up to 50%. 

  • Innovative reflector and clip design that simultaneously retains and centers the fixture in the existing mounting pan
  • Quick disconnects used for ease of maintenance protected by .036” galvanized metal housing
  • UL rated junction box constructed of .050” galvanized metal used as mount for LED driver / power supply
  • 18” flexible armoured supply wire connections allow for convenient placement of power supply / junction box in tight locations 
  • LED light source with clear lens recessed in a specular reflector with a 4 ¾”- 6” recess for superior glare control 
  • Aluminum parabolic reflectors are optically designed to maximize lumen output and to provide superior glare control
  • Anodized finishes for open reflectors are semi-specular clear diffuse or pewter. A white polyester powder coat also available 
  • CRI is >83


  • Power supply options allow for excellent line voltage dimming down to 10% light output or less
  • 0-10V dimming also available
  • Non dimming power supply allows for cost reduction 
  • Power supplies and LED combinations from 8W-12.6W
Thermal Management
  • Proprietary heat sink design provides superior thermal management ensuring a minimum of 50,000 hrs of operation while maintaining a minimum of 70% lumen output