4003 - STEM - Carbon


  • Over the years since its introduction 4003 Reed series has remained a favorite of many high-end showcase designers and often paired with Luna. What could be better than to enhance the visual appeal of this versatile showcase fixture but to give it the ultimate finish. This is the real deal and not some artificial wrap of some  “Carbon-Look” material. Photographs do no do the finish justice. It must be viewed under proper lighting to demonstrate its Three-Dimensional features to the fullest.
  • Each 4003C fixture is moulded from high tech composites using 3K Carbon in a Twill pattern to bring out its high tech look to the maximum.
  • The tubular rectangular body is manufactured in 100% solid 3K Carbon Twill from a Pre-Impregnated Carbon-resin fabric and hand laid up in a mold and autoclaved to perfection just like a Formula One race car chassis.
  • Ask your Revlite representative to see this amazing finish.
  • Showcase Lighting

  • Retail Displays

  • Exhibit Lighting