The Revlite track lighting zoom fixtures are designed to fit all of the major track systems while providing optimum lighting versatility. The model TR-Z15 is a 15W zoom capable configuration. Incorporating the latest in LED technology these track lights deliver extremely high CRI and GAI to illuminate retail spaces for the utmost benefit for the retail clients. The 15W light head produces the lumen equivalent of a 75W halogen providing both energy savings and low maintenance costs.

The ability of these fixtures remarkable optical zoom makes them very versatile fixtures for any retail application. Without changing the fixtures position it can be adapted to illuminate objects closer or further away and with the ability to spot focus light on any part of the object.

  • 1320 lumens from 15W
  • CRI of 80+ and 90+
  • Optional high GAI LED
  • Optical inner reflector provides precise beam control with reduced glare while the acrylic lens diffuses the light output for a halogen lamp like appearance
  • Proprietary heat sink design provides superior thermal management ensuring a minimum of 50,000 hrs of operation while maintaining a minimum of 70% lumen output
  • 350 ° horizontal adjustment and 90° vertical adjustment
  • Beam angle can zoom in from a wide 70° to a very narrow beam angle of 20° for very versatile placement in any retail environment