Vektor 2



Vektor 2 projector version is a slim and functional LED track light that will fit smoothly into optimum accurate lighting for museums, exhibitions, art galleries and sales and showroom areas. Featuring a group of precision optical lens and framing patterns mechanism designed to provide sharp-edged, high-contrast square & triangle light shapes, logo projection is also available. The head can be adjusted precisely 360 ° + horizontal(rotation) and 90 ° vertical without dead angle. The light, as a result, is targeted exactly where you need it.

  • Tailor-made contour projector for high-end museums & galleries thanks to it's precise light control.
  • Designed for sharp-focused or soft-focused projection of a light field. 
  • A set of four framing blades bring sharp-edged or soft edged, high-contrast square & triangle light shape at user's convenience.
  • Logo projection, customized logo can be projected at your request. 
  • Privately-designed joints can hold the track head at any positions without malfunctions.
  • 360°+ rotation without dead angle and 90°vertical aiming.
  • Standard beam angle 21° - 34°/ 18° - 30° & 27 ° - 42° can be switched to 3° - 45° by using the iris diaphragm.