Vektor 3



Vektor-3 is a stylish and compact LED function track light that will fit smoothly into any high-end museum, gallery environments. Featuring an adjustable beam and framing patterns mechanism designed to provide varying sizes of spot lighting and differing
light shapes. The head can be adjusted precisely 360°+ horizontal(rotation) and 90°vertical without dead angle. The light, as  result, is emitted exactly where you need it. The integrated driver gives clean feeling and the ceiling will not be cluttered with drivers aimed in different directions.

  • Stylish and compact design with integrated driver.  
  • Designed for precise, sharp-focused or soft-focused projection of a light field.
  • An adjustable beam(20°-40°) and a set of four framing blades bring sharp-edged or  soft edged, high-contrast square & triangle light shape at user’s convenience.
  • Patented joints can hold the track head at any positions without any issues360°+ rotation without dead angle and 90°vertical aiming.