LED Solar Street Lighting

8 solar light advantage/ benefits

LED Street lights are a win win win. They are more reliable, carry double the warranty of conventional lights, improve visibility and produce less heat, carbon emissions and light pollution. And with Smart Sense they can dramatically reduce power consumption. Hooked up to IOT (internet of things) they can also sense intruders and auto accidents as well as function in an emergency.

Optional Motion Detection

  • Lights turn off or dim when no one is around, brighten up  when someone approaches
  • Reduces battery draw when lights are not needed
  • Motion sensors help with liability issues and safety
  • Data captured provides valuable information on light usage, traffic patterns and more

Revlite advanced off-grid lighting solutions deliver the lowest cost of ownership and highest performance in the market. Smart Off-Grid software enables the lights to be managed, controlled and pro-actively maintained over the Internet, delivering unmatched reliability, and long lasting system performance.

  • Proven in the field, in extreme environments from cold to hot, in the city and in rural environments
  • Revlite ensures all systems are sized properly for their specific location and load
  • Lower upfront battery cost, and guaranteed longer battery life
  • Smart Off-Grid is the most comprehensive, advanced off-grid management system in the market