Surgical Suites Lighting and the importance of MIL STD-461F


Why Revlite

Why is MIL-STD-461 important?

MIL-STD-461 testing is important for safety and mission success. Space-constrained programs, applications and monitoring equipment that utilize numerous embedded computer systems are growing in number, and thus, the propensity for EMI between them is growing, too.

Given that mission-critical servers and surgical monitoring equipment affect health care and surgical outcomes, the assurance to surgical personnel that their systems won’t be disrupted by EMI is crucial.

Electrical and electronic systems operating in proximity to each other have the propensity to emit or be susceptible to EMI, which can cause a decline in performance or shut the systems down completely negatively affecting surgical outcomes.

If a rugged server or surgical workstation isn’t MIL-STD-461-compliant but is being used as part of a mission-critical system, there’s an increased likelihood of mission disruption, mission failure and even a total loss of signal or data, all of which carry potentially disastrous consequences, especially when cardiac or neurosurgery is at play.

MIL-STD-461 compliant equipment offers an added layer of EMI protection for Surgical Suite systems and reassurance to surgical personnel that their systems likely won’t be disrupted by EMI.

Revlite offers Lighting Fixtures for Surgical Suites which are compliant with and certified to MIL STD-461F standard.

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