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Benefits of Lighting Automation

Minimize Risks of Accidents
Every light in your home is automated, including the patio lights outside as well as the safety lights inside the house. These can significantly minimize risks of any form of accidents in your home.

Convenience and Comfort

Automated light systems add lots of comfort and convenience to your beautiful home. You no longer have to bother about light switches and all when it comes to turning on or turning off lights in your home.


Light automation adds a refined quality of gracefulness and good taste to your home. And the systems that make up the entire lighting system are not only attractive but also highly affordable as well.

Easy to Control

Lighting automation systems are not only easy to control but can also be maintained without any hassle. Users have complete control via Hand Controllers as well as Master Controllers. You can even make use of your smartphone to program or control the lights whether you are home or not.

Saves Money on Electricity Costs

If there is one thing that most people love to do, it is saving money. Installing lighting systems in your home will save you a significant amount of money that you use in paying your power bills.

Turn Lights on and off at Your Convenience

Have you gone upstairs to your bedroom only to recall that you did not switch off the lights downstairs? Do you remember how exasperating it was to have to go back downstairs to turn off all the lights one by one before going back upstairs? Well, you don’t have to go through such hassles again. You can switch off all the lights from your smartphone. You can even check which rooms have their lights on or off right from your bedroom.

Wrap Up

Lighting automation is still on the rise as many people have started realizing the importance of installing them in their homes. Not only does lighting automation offer a lot of conveniences, but it also helps in deterring burglars while saving you lots of money on the costs of electricity.

You should also stay alert for new updates as they occur in the smart home automation market. 

Home Automation Lighting By Revlite 2

Why Revlite?

Revlite lighting fixtures are designed to integrate seamlessly into most home automation systems currently on the market. The on-board electronics can be 0-10V, Dali and Dali 2 so integration is easy.

  • Revlite comes from an LED background and not a lighting background. The principals of Revlite have greater than 40 years experience with LEDs. We began working with LEDs long before high output and white LEDs were in their infancy and we have gained several patents and street credibility along that journey. Our operating rationale does not have the biases that come with the legacy lighting companies.
  • Experience: Our company holds several Utility Patents (Inventions). Over the years we have worked with Owners, Architects, Designers, Engineers and Specifiers to create application specific Lighting Systems.
  • Greater than 40 years construction experience allowing us to visualize difficulties in the build process and providing solutions long before the lighting integrator or general contractor.
  • We are detail oriented and all products are designed by Revlite, incorporating the years of LED background knowledge.
  • LEDs – We only use LED chips made by the leading Manufacturers such as Nichia, Cree and Bridgelux, underdriven for longevity and efficiency with high CRI. • Optics – Our fixtures are designed to reduce the amount of glare emitting from the fixtures.
  • Thermal – Heat sinks are specified to over compensate for their working environment.
  • Linears – We only use premium LED chips with high density applications to eliminate any hot spots.
  • All products are fully UL listed with 5 year warranties.

Contact your area Revlite Representative for further information.

Our Clients Say

What Our Clients say

Our clients trust us to deliver results. When they look good, we look good. 

"We have chosen Revlite because of the quality and colour consistency in the Revlite LED lighting systems. Revlite was able to customize the fixtures to produce the correct amount of light for its application.”
- Denis Bruneau of Pheidas Project Management.

We have completed many projects with Revlite in the Residential sectors including very large Custom Homes for Tom Brady and Giselle Bunchen, an Arabian Prince and others. Revlite was able to provide Lighting Systems that met all the requirements of my Clients and found them to be very Professional and their Systems were really easy to install.”
- Sid Alter of Alter Electric

“I don’t know if I will still be in the store fixture world, but if so, I will be recommending your lighting! You guys have been the best lighting vendor to work with during my 4 years here and that is saying a lot. Your service and help has been unmatched. I hope only for good things in Leiden, and Revlite’s future.”
- Amanda Devol Project Manager leidencompany.com