Cove Lighting

Cove Lighting

Lumina Series

Cove lighting adds a unique and elegant touch to any room that it is designed into. It works by highlighting a space, usually a false ceiling, where light fixtures are hidden away, allowing the light to bounce off of the ceiling and creating a soft glow in the room. This kind of lighting makes a room feel relaxing, yet larger, taller, grander and more luxurious.

The Different Types of Cove Lighting Designs

A typical cove lighting design is where you have a drop ceiling, and hide the lights in a reveal built into this section. But there are a multitude of other design combinations that can be built. Instead of having the main part of the ceiling drop down, you could reverse it and build bulkheads around the perimeter with cove lighting illuminating the main part of the ceiling like the sky illuminates the outside. This is known as reversed cove lighting.

And you could build combinations of these types to add layers to a multi level design? Also the drop down ceiling doesn’t have to be in a rectangle or square shape. It could be curved, or shaped in any form with the polyurethane crown mouldings now available.

The simplest, cheapest and perhaps most effective way of adding cove lighting to a room is to simply forgo the drop down ceiling and go with crown or cove molding as seen in the attached images. If you install double crown moulding the effect is magnificent. The bigger crown molding fits at the ceiling and the smaller crown fits at the edge of a bulkhead that holds the down lights. Revlite has a linear light that is triangular in cross section that simply drops into place once the crown is installed. The key here is to use long linear LED lighting to give an even illumination to your ceiling. Never ever use rope lighting as it will rise up off the crown moulding and produce hot spots and uneven lighting. Revlite linears are guaranteed to provide even illumination as they are made with an LED substrate that is extremely High Density to eliminate any hot spots.

Cove Lighting

Indirect Lighting Else Where

The indirect lighting technique can be used in other areas of the room. Feature walls can be built to house a small reveal around the edge to act as a lighting picture frame for an important feature in a room such as a fireplace for example. Lights softly glow around a bathroom shelf, the headboard of a bed, around an entry way. This can also be done for closets, living room cabinets, or even above and beneath kitchen cabinets (in the toe kicks). Indirect lighting can be placed under platform beds or behind mirrors, the list is almost endless. The idea is to hide the light fixtures, and just let the light softly glow indirectly.

Technical Tip

There is really only one type of lighting fixture that should be used for indirect lighting and that is LED linears. All other lighting types will show gaps or dead zones where each individual fixture ends. There will be some LED products out there that may still show dead zones or hot spots but with Revlite H D Linear lighting and our Snap Locking connections these issues are a thing of the past.

One other thing; if you are considering ceiling cove lighting you must have a smooth ceiling. Enlist the services of an experienced drywall contractor to eliminate all popcorn ceiling in the areas of concern. This is not an expensive proposition and you will have a ceiling that will look elegant and increase your property value.