Cove Lighting - Power Supply

Cove Lighting - power supply

Constant Voltage 0-10v Dimmable Class 2 Led Driver

This SoliDrive Constant Voltage Class 2 LED Driver from Magnitude Lighting offers a UL Listed enclosure with a built-in junction box on both the input and output. This driver is IP65 rated and suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. With universal input voltage ranging from 120 to 277VAC, the SoliDrive driver is ideally suited for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Our 0-10V dimming delivers smooth flicker-free linear dimming down to 1% with most LED’s and a wide variety of compatible dimmers.


UL Listed Enclosure – built-in junction boxes, (UL 8750 approved) Universal input voltage, 0-10V Dimmable flicker free down to 1% IP65 – For both Indoor and Outdoor use, Class 2, Class P Auto-reset protection for short circuits and over-temperature Overload Protection – CC Mode.


Before You Begin

Note: This dimmable transformer requires a compatible 0-10V dimmer switch for proper operation. See the list of approved dimmers recommended by Magnitude Inc. and Inspired LED for more details. Driver must be installed in a well-ventilated area free from explosive gasses and vapors. Proper operation requires a free flow of air. Driver should be installed by a qualified electrician in accordance with article 450 of the National Electrical Code.

Precautions Before Installing

Check the label to ensure the driver has the proper input voltage and wattage for the job. Check the wire markings to ensure they match the wiring diagram below. If the product has any visible damage, do not install it.

Input Connections/Grounding

Remove wiring compartment cover and desired plastic knockouts to create an input hole. With power turned off, route input wires through the knockout hole, connecting your live wire to black (L), and neutral to white (N). For all wire connections use only UL listed wire nuts and connectors of suitable size and style. Driver case MUST be grounded in accordance with N.E.C.

Output Connections

Remove output wiring cover and desired knockouts to create a hole. With power turned off, route the light fixture wires through knockout and connect to driver: positive to the red (+) wire and negative to the black (-) wire.

0-10V Dimming

With power turned off, route the violet (+) and grey (-) 0-10V wires to connect to a compatible 0-10V dimmer.


Select a location capable of supporting the weight of the driver. Use keyholes to mount the driver case using suitable screws.

Cove Lighting - Power Supply